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IP Cameras Bradford

IP cameras Bradford CCTV can provide are a great leap from the basic quality of previous analogue cameras.


Technical jargon with cameras may sometimes be confusing, and often the term “IP Cameras” is thrown around with little knowledge of what it actually means.  IP stands for Internet Protocol.  By this reasoning, even a web cam could be classed as an IP camera, however the difference between these and our megapixel IP cameras is vastly different.

Although they may initially be quite a large investment, megapixel IP cameras give you a wide range of options in terms of how much of your premises can be covered by surveillance, the quality of the image, and where you can view these images from.

As these cameras are an investment, it is important you talk through the exact requirements of your system with our surveyors in order for us to design your CCTV system using the correct level of complexity.  Knowing what you want to achieve from your system is vital in order to gain a suitable system at a budget appropriate for your property.

Most quality, security IP cameras give high quality image with megapixel resolution.  The Mobitix range can provide a 3.1 million pixel image that far out performs conventional CCTV cameras.

When looking at a new system, building a system around analogue devices is more cost effective, but in terms of quality of image and future proofing, then the solution would be an IP camera system.  We can also upgrade your existing analogue system to High Definition without rewiring your whole system, giving you better quality images without the cost of starting from scratch.

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